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Jody Reed is a 17-year veteran Travel Columnist and Photographer based in Plano, Texas. She is a member of the International Food, Wine and Travel Writer’s Association. Published locally and nationally, she is formerly a writer at the White House and a Television Consumer Reporter.

With a degree in international law, Jody Reed speaks English, French, and Spanish. Her featured syndicated monthly columns, "DESTINATIONS" appear in both English and Spanish.

Jody Reed writes for THE HUFFINGTON POST Travel Section (approximately 47,000,000 circulation). She also writes for EL HISPANO, Dallas' oldest Hispanic, Spanish newspaper (20,000 circulation), as well as for SENIOR NEWS with 30 editions throughout Texas (469,000 circulation) designed for those 50 and over. Jody Reed's readers are over half a million "Baby Boomers" with disposable income to travel. The papers were founded in 1988. The metropolitan editions include Dallas-Forth Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

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Other publication credits include:

  • The Plano Profile Magazine (For Jody's articles in the Plano Profile Magazine, go to PlanoProfile.com, scroll to the middle of the page, choose the issue from the 'Select an Issue' drop-down menu, and open.)
  • La Voz Newspaper (Denver)
  • Valiente Magazine
  • The Denver Post
  • Colorado Woman News
  • Small Business Review (Denver)
  • Mountain Living, Life on Capital Hill
  • The Atlanta Voice
  • Intermountain Jewish News
  • Get Up & Go
  • North Texas Life Magazine
  • Stonebridge life Magazine

Jody Reed is also the author of the travel cookbook "THE SOULFUL TRAVELLER AND GLOBAL GOURMET"  (THE LEVITY AND COMPASSION OF TRAVEL).